Wireless Waterproof Earphones

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Wireless Waterproof Earphones
Why should no man exercise without earphones?
Each one of us knows what music can do to our mind and body. Exercising often includes fatigue and pain and the role of music, in this case, was to distract the mind from the pain caused by exercising.
Here are some reasons why you should listen to music when you work out:
It ups your effort.
It puts you in the zone.
A good beat can help you keep pace.
Music can elevate your mood.
It makes you want to move.
Our Wireless Waterproof Earphones is made especially for you to experience all the benefits of listening to music while working out and with its high technology features. Listen to your favorite music tangle free and it has a very comfortable earphone rubber cap so you can wear it for hours and feel no pain. Of course, we get sweaty when we work out, but you don't have to worry, this one comes with a waterproof feature that you might even want to use it when you go swimming.
- Dual drive earphone
- Waterproof
- Bluetooth
- Stereo heavy bass
- Noise reduction
- Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
- Last for 6 hours continuous use
- 10m transmission distance
Package Includes:
1x Wireless Waterproof Earphones