Waterproof Fitness Tracker w/ Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch

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Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch

Keep track with your heart healthy vitals with this Waterproof  Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch. This is a multi-function device that will let you put the world in your hand. 

It records and monitors Heart Rate, keeps track on the number of steps you've taken, and calories burned throughout the day, allowing you to make exercise plans that suit you and strive for more healthy goals. It has Multi-Motion Calculation Mode.

It records your sleep pattern if you wear it when you sleep, showing times when you were awake, light sleep, and deep sleep.

It will alert you to an incoming phone call and alert you if you have a text message.

It is a waterproof bracelet, swimming, washing your face, washing your hands will not affect the use of the watch.

It has a built-in Bluetooth function to achieve remote photography and built-in large capacity battery.


  • Heart rate monitor, calorie counter, alarm clock, waterproof, sedentary reminder, remote camera, sleep tracker, push notification and sports pedometer
  • Excellent waterproof grade, fit for washing hands, bathing and even swimming. Enjoy all features of the fitness tracker wherever you are. (Please do not put it on hot water)
  • Dynamic heart rate monitoring - PPG sensor combines with our independently researched and developed algorithm of heart rate to monitor changes of your heart rate and help you exercise with higher efficiency.
  • Exercise recording and tracking - All the steps in daily life will be recorded and summarized into a statement, including the number of steps, walked distance and consumed calories.
  • Lightweight design - The band weighs only 16.4g, bringing a better experience to wear it without the feeling of restraint.
  • Wake up the screen with a lift of arm - Lift your arm and gently make a turn, the screen will be awaken. No need to use another arm to check data.
  • Vibration alert - Vibration alert for incoming calls/ social media updates and messages/ alarms.
  • Automatic sleep detection - It is able to track and analyze your sleeping quality such as sleep latency, deep sleep and light sleep. You can set quiet vibration alarms to gently wake you up in every morning.
  • Remote control camera - Opening the APP camera mode then can remote control the phone camera to record every wonderful moment.
  • Remote control music - After switch to music mode, you can enjoy the function of switching, pausing and playing music
  • Sedentary reminder - S3 will remind you to get up and take exercise. Don't sit all the time and you can set an alarm clock to remind yourself that it's time to have a rest.


  • 0.96 inch 64 * 128 vertical full screen
  • Built-in polymer rechargeable lithium battery 90MAh, standby time about 5 days
  • Heart rate test: Dynamic heart rate, the highest heart rate / minimum heart rate alarm
  • APP GPS trajectory: GPS track history, movement trajectory sharing (calories, time, distance, speed)
  • Remote camera control: Opening the APP camera mode to remote control the camera
  • Multi-motion mode: Cycling, Step gauge, Jumping jacks, Skip rope, Treadmill, Sit-ups
  • Vibration alert for incoming calls / social media updates and messages/alarms
  • Call reminder (show contact name / number);
  • SMS, QQ, Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Skype, WhatsApp notice reminder content display;
  • One key to control the phone music player
  • Wake up the screen with a lift of an arm
  • APP name: Search and download "i-Fit" from the Apple Store or Android App store.
  • Compatible system: Bluetooth 4.0, for Android 4.3 & IOS 7.0 and above

Package includes:

1* Smart Bracelet

1* User Manual