KetoYES Body Fat Scale

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Health Scale Weight Indication: Digital
Material: Steel
Function: Body Fat,  Water Content Testing, Muscle mass testing
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 150KG

Includes: Android and IOS APP - download here:


It knows you better than you know yourself ! Smart scale records and monitors 8 body status of your whole family.


Smart Scale monitors 10 body compositions and lets you see results instantly on the app that is included on your mobile device. 

Every time you step on the Smart Scale, the smart health analysis will evaluate and grade your physical condition. With your health status and progress displayed in charts and graphs on the app, tracking your fitness goals and health condition has never been so convenient. 

Set your goals:

Choose goals, whether it's for weight loss or an increase of muscle mass, the APP will provide the best weight range for your reference and track the way to reach your goals. 

Keep the whole family healthy

Smart Scale is designed for the whole family. Up to 16 users can create their profile and track progress individually.