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Discover How To Get Rid Of Sugar And Carbohydrate Addiction, That Is Making You Lazy And Fat While Still Enjoying Your Favourite Foods.


Only Join if You’re Ready to Get in The Best Shape of Your Life!

  • Personal AssistanceKetoYes coaches will be checking your uploaded pictures of your body and your body weight/body fat, in a private area of the KetoYes App. This allows your trainer to monitor your progress and make suggestions on a weekly basis.
  • Mobile Workouts - Your entire workout plan will be available directly from your Keto Yes App. Our proven fat burning workouts are included with a full video exercise library. There are 2 versions available – gym workouts and home workouts. So there are no more excuses.
  • Individual Meal Plan - Access your customized meal plan from anywhere right on your Keto Yes App. Your keto meal plan will be designed by our coaches specifically for you. To fit your individual caloric needs. With the food available in your area.
  • 24/7 Access To Our CoachesOur experienced coaches will guide you trough every obstacle you may encounter in a private chat room inside the Keto Yes App. This way we make sure you will have all the tools you need and in combination to that a perfect explanation from the keto diet.