Indoor & Outdoor Portable Baby Chair

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Have you been looking for a portable travel chair for your baby?

It’s a great option if you want to avoid restaurant chairs or if you have a tight dining space in your home—no need for a large, bulky standalone high chair. You can keep it folded up to bring into restaurants or bars with you; it’s just one piece, There’s even a carrying bag included! You can face baby any way she wants to be—so if she is done with dinner and wants to face out into the restaurant to people-watch, she can feel free. It’s definitely a great travel option for babies 6months - 3 years old. It can also be adjusted to accommodate kids up to three years old, it has wide base and wide leg openings for safety and comfort.

This Indoor & Outdoor Portable Baby Chair innovative design is the most portable of all travel seats, weighing in at just under half a pound! The five point harness and dual straps that attach to just about any dining chair keep baby safe and snug. The seat is durable and easily washes clean in your washing machine. Easy to set up and fold up for storing or travel. If you just need a safe spot for your baby to chill or join the rest of the party at the table, the Indoor & Outdoor Portable Baby Chair is a perfect, lightweight, inexpensive and portable choice. This also prevents the baby from wiggling out of the seat.


More Benefits of Indoor & Outdoor Portable Baby Chair

  • Lightweight and foldable design, makes it easy to carry
  • Made from premium soft materials
  • Strong shoulder horizontal belt, extended crotch and addition fixed adjustable belt to strap accordingly to the chair to ensure safety of your baby
  • Simply fold it flat and you can bring it everywhere during travel
  • Not only it is easy to install, but also easy to clean



Please make sure that the chair is hard and firm before use; and all plugs lock on

Tighten the strap according to the baby's body

In the process of use, the adult should take care of your baby

Applies to independent sitting baby, the maximum load is 16kg


Package Includes:

1x Indoor & Outdoor Portable Baby Chair

1x Carrying Bag