The Angry Dog

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What is it Fun to play Angry Dog Toy?

Shhhhh the dog's sleeping. You can hear him snore. Whatever you do, don't wake him up because when he's disturbed, he gets very grouchy. Each player takes turns with the cat paw tweezers to try and steal his bones. Draw a card and take the number of bones of the correct color shown on the card from the pooch's dish without waking him up. But when you least expect it, he wakes up and jumps for his bones with a growl. At this point, a squeal or a scream is not uncommon, but don't worry his bark is worse than his bite. The player with the most correct bones wins. This suspenseful skill and action game will keep children giggling and parents shrieking. Beware of the Dog game is fun for the whole family. It's a Novelty fun toy that Children over the age of 5 will be able to enjoy playing with siblings or the whole family.

How to play?

- Assign card to each players, see how many bones on the card.

- Steal the bones with cat paw tweezers from the dog bowl lightly, remember lightly!

- Player need to pick out the according bones from the dog bowl. The more quantity the more dangerous!

- If you press too hard and touch the pedal on the bowl, the dog may rushed over to you!

- If you get the blank card, then you are safe, you do not need to pick out the bones.

- When the player is done picking the quantity on the card, then come to the next player, until the dog wake up, the player lose!


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Package includes:

1 x Bulldog,

1 x Dog Bowl,

1 x Cat Toenail Clipper,

24 x Bone,

24 x Card,

1 x Assembly and Operating Instruction