Our Story

Welcome to House of Keto

We exist simply to help make our clients’ journey towards a better lifestyle easier and much less stressful.

Because We Care

We are Keto enthusiasts and longtime practitioners, driven by the ideal of creating evidence-based products that help improve human potential. We have scoured the existing Keto marketspace and gotten nothing but frustration in our search for methods and products that can accurately measure ketones. Because we care, it was an easy leap to move from frustration to creation.

Today, we are proud to present House of Keto Monitor™, our answer to accuracy, affordability, and convenience when it comes to measuring ketones.

Defining Ketones

At House of Keto, our world revolves around ketones, but what exactly are ketones and why are we making such a big deal of this phenomenon?

The goal of any ketogenic diet is to adapt the human body to use fat as a primary fuel source rather than sugar, converting fat into what is called ketones which cells can then burn as fuel. Science teaches that while sugar is the body’s primary fuel source and fat is a secondary fuel source, you have to have burnt up your sugar stores before your cells start to burn fat reserves as an energy source.  The abundance of food that is available to us today causes a reduced ability to burn fat. As these rich foods damage the body on a metabolic level, humans lose the ability to produce ketones.

Adopting a more ketogenic style of eating can help reverse this damage and revert the body back to the efficient fat-burning machine it was meant to be. A Ketogenic diet is the most effective health optimizing, performance improving and weight loss diet, and measuring the state of ketones will tell whether your body is burning sugar or fat for energy. This inadvertently helps to make dietary adjustments and stay on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.

Why House of Keto?

We offer a quick, affordable and convenient way to accurately measure ketones, driven by our philosophy of helping individuals make deep, positive and long-lasting health and lifestyle changes. Our monitor uses advanced technology to measure ketones through a breath analysis of acetones.

We bring a unique voice to the ketogenic diet industry, offering speed with our product’s ability to determine whether you’re in a state of ketosis in less than 20 seconds.  We offer convenience by warehousing our advanced technology in a small, light, re-usable, noninvasive, and portable device. We offer ease of use, and all you need to determine your ketogenic state is a single breath. No need for messy blood or urine samples.  We offer accuracy with a product that meets blood-based ketone tests benchmarks. And we offer affordability with a product that is by far the most affordable breath based ketone measuring device on the market today.

Let’s get started

We want to help you enter a state of high performance every single day by going the House of Keto route. Let’s get started, shall we?