Measuring ketones via breath

Measuring Ketones via breath is a trusted indicator of ketosis to people consuming ketogenic meals. Ketones are chemicals produced by your body when, it is not able to use glucose as its source of energy and instead, start breaking down fat which results in fat loss.  Ketosis state has not only been shown beneficial for breaking down fat but is also being used for treating diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's or cancer.

Research studies show that there is good connection between breath acetone levels and blood ketone levels. Breath acetone is a biomarker of beta-hydroxybutyrate in plasma and is produced from the breakdown of acetoacetate in blood.  Which means that Breath acetone is directly linked to acetoacetate in blood. Therefore, by monitoring Breath acetone levels we can monitor adaptation to the state of ketosis. Acetoacete in blood is typically measured in mmol/l and Breath acetone is measured in g/l.  Breath acetone is also a good predictor of ketosis as is urinary acetoacetate. Breath acetone analysis is noninvasive and can be performed frequently with minimal discomfort. It is useful for understanding the mechanism of the diet and enhancing the efficacy of the diet by improving monitoring.

Another study shows that measuring ketones via breath is also an accurate representation of monitoring fat loss. Acetone in blood and breath is known to increase with fasting and caloric restriction as stored fat is mobilized to meet energy. Breath acetone is affected by many factors. Dietary macronutrient composition has the greatest impact followed, by caloric restriction, exercise, pulmonary factors, and other factors. Because of its connection to fat metabolism, a high-fat, low-carbs diet will generate more breath acetone than a standard diet. A reduction in consumed calories relative to that needed for weight maintenance can increase breath acetone and fat loss.

Measurement of ketones in breath requires both an accurate and reliable measurement device House of Keto Monitor™,  which is highly developed to analyze acetone on your breath that your body produces when you’re in a state of ketosis.

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