Jessica Alba's smooth skin anti-ageing secret revealed

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We always look to celebrities for the little details in our lives. How is their skin so perfect? How come I have acne but they don’t? Where are their wrinkles? Why they don't age?!

Celebs like Jessica Alba is a huge light therapy fan. Surely she has been blessed with beautiful Latina skin, but there's more to it. One of her skin care routine staples are an ever so popular LED Facial Mask treatment. See the Instagram post where she actually reveals this secret to her fans. 


Jessica Alba uses the Pink LED treatment about once a week to help her achieve that flawless skin and boosts collagen production, which firms skin. Red LED light to rejuvenate to cells in her skin to keep a youthful look without wrinkles.

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Stars from Kate Hudson and Khloe Kardashian have been snapping and sharing selfies that show them wearing LED Facial Mask designed to boost collagen, reduce inflammation and banish acne-related bumps and scars. What's the catch you may ask. Well, these treatments can be quite pricey, 20 min treatment costs around 1,800 USD at beauty clinic. 

We know what you’re thinking: The real-deal celeb option might be amazing… but I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars a month for these treatments at beauty clinics.  Do not despair! Even those of us. who can't afford these expensive treatments can now enjoy the benefits of this technology. Apparently, due to a huge demand these LED masks are now available for home use at a fraction of the cost the beauty clinic would charge you! 

The treatment is safe for literally any skin type.

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Scientifically Proven Benefits of LED light Facial therapy

In A 2006 Clinical study published in J.Drugs Dermatol Magazine, 36 subjects received 9 LED treatments (with both red and infrared wavelengths) over the course of 5 weeks and were evaluated after 12 weeks.

5 of them were also biopsied to see the ultra-structural changes in their collagen fibers.

A statistically significant improvement in wrinkles was seen after profilometric analysis. The majority of subjects reported improvements in softness, smoothness, and firmness at all time points. Electron microscopic analysis showed evidence of post-LED treatment of thicker collagen fibers.

LED treatments play a role in the treatment of photodamaged skin. LED treatments can be used as either a primary or adjunctive treatment modality.

Another Study in 2006 conducted by Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists in New York has also proven that it has the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin. Once the wavelengths have permeated the skin, they energize cells, heal and repair damage, rejuvenate, renew, and boost collagen and elastin production.


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