How To Measure Ketones in Blood, Urine, & Breath

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Knowing how to measure ketones allows you to make the necessary changes to maintain your desired level of ketosis.

Using ketosis is a natural and safe way to burn unwanted body fat and maintain a healthy physique. However, a successful diet requires you to maintain a state of ketosis for a prolonged period of time. 

The process of fat metabolism in the body causes the release of numerous acetone byproducts in the blood stream. When you are testing for ketones, this what you will be measuring to determine if your body is in a fat burning state (source: Anderson, 2015).

The most common ways to measure ketones in your body is by analyzing your blood, urine, or breath. Acetoacetate and β-hydroxybutyrate is measured in the blood, acetone in breath and acetoacetate in the urine (source: Kathy Musa-Veloso et al., 2002).

Average Cost: $50 USD + $5 USD PER TEST STRIPE

Measuring the ketones in your blood provides the best and most accurate readings. The process requires a ketone measuring machine and expensive strips to measure your blood.

If you plan to measure your ketone levels to maintain a steady state of ketosis, you will need refills for the specialized ketone measurement strips.

People who have thicker skin will find this testing method to be inconvenient. Since blood is a requirement, you will have to prick your finger regularly to test the levels of ketones.

For a less intrusive and more affordable approach to ketone measurements, try the next two options.


Urine can be used to detect ketone element that are being filtered by your kidneys. This method is much more affordable than the previous, however the accuracy is much lower.

Ketones are found circulating in your blood, not the urine, and you will not be able to get accurate results. This test provides a simple solution to show you whether you have entered ketosis, or not.

For some people, this method is very discomforting which makes the next option the most preferred.

Average Cost: $25 USD - ONE TIME FEE

Blowing into a device is the most convenient ways to measure your ketone levels. While not as accurate as testing directly from the blood, it serves as a cleaner and more accurate test than the urine results.

Using a House of Keto Monitor™ is ideally a non intrusive way with fairly accurate measurements. It tests the level of acetone, which is a ketogenic compound.

The best part about this ketone measurement device is that you only have to buy it once; there are no additional testing strips and messy procedures for testing.

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Overall, measuring ketone levels from your blood, while the most expensive, will give you the most accurate results. Using your urine provides a general understanding of the ketones in your body, but it is a less accurate and messy testing method.

For both convenience and affordability, the breath test provides the best overall ability to measure your ketones. As well, research suggests that measuring breath acetone is a useful and convenient method for understanding the body while in ketosis and improving your personal diet to lose fat (source: Kundu et al., 1993).